Even under the best circumstances, the birth of a new baby can be overwhelming. Then consider the stress of living in poverty and not being able to provide the most basic essentials for your newborn.

At Open Door, our clinicians deliver 450 babies a year. The majority of our patients live at or below the federal poverty level. They struggle with inadequate housing, food insecurity, low levels of health literacy, and cultural/language barriers. Add to this the emotional and financial pressure of a new baby and the precarious balance of daily life can be at risk.

While a cardboard box for a newborn may sound unusual, it’s been a tradition in Finland since the 1930s.

The Open Door Baby Box is filled with basic newborn essentials: diapers, wipes, sleep sack, onesies, socks, baby toy, cloth bib, newborn thermometer, baby book and seasonal clothes. The box itself, which is lined with a waterproof mattress and 100% cotton sheet, can be used as a baby crib.

But we know it’s not enough. Addressing systemic problems takes more than a simple box. It takes a plan.

All women who deliver their babies with Open Door are supported by a Patient Advocate, who provides prenatal information, access to benefits and insurance, guidance about nutrition and wellness, advice on coping with stress, assistance in monitoring medication and help with financial planning.
As part of the entire
Baby Box Experience, new mothers participate in an on-line infant safety and parenting tutorial in order to ensure they have essential education before bringing their new baby home. The Baby Box Experience also includes: Open Door Wellness classes (fitness and nutrition), along with a series of healthy cooking videos based on WIC approved ingredients. Your financial support helps ensure that Open Door can provide these essential programs and critical education.

THE BABY BOX EXPERIENCE helps our patients keep their lives on track and give their baby a healthy and safe start.

We thank The Baby Box Company for their sponsorship of this program. The baby boxes, which are manufactured by The Baby Box Co., have been independently tested for safety by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and they can be used until the baby is about 5 to 6 months old, or weighs 15 pounds.


A Conversation with Mariella - A powerful story about Mariella, a young immigrant mother whose connection to Open Door has provided not only compassionate care for her family but an important means for her to give back to other new families in need. 

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  • Open Door Family Medical Centers
  • Call us 24-hours a day:
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  • 165 Main Street • Ossining, NY 10562